95 Covid Cases Confirmed in Yiwu City in Three Days

Image source: China Visual

Image source: China Visual

BEIJING, August 2 (TMTPOST)  — Yiwu city in southeastern China’s Zhejiang province reported 25 new Covid cases from initial screening from 09:00 to 21:00 on Thursday. 

Over the past three days, Yiwu city has reported a cumulative total of 95 local COVID-19 infections, including 17 cases with symptoms and 78 cases without symptoms.

The virus transmission spread rapidly in Yiwu. On the evening of Tuesday, four cases were found in Yiwu at the isolation site. The four were mother and son, all of whom were close contacts and secondary contacts of positive infections outside the province. Since then, the new cases in Yiwu grew slowly.

According to the results of the epidemiological survey, one of them arrived in Yiwu on the night of July 29 from outside the province on the K834 train. The four people had travelled to many places in Yiwu, including restaurants, night markets, clinics, supermarkets, nucleic acid sampling sites, pharmacies and other crowdy public places. Subsequently, Yiwu city detected 65 positive infections in the quarantine facilities and regions of major concerns from Wednesday to 9 pm Thursday.

Yiwu city has designated three high-risk areas and implemented closure and control measures by providing “door-to-door service without leaving home”. A medium-risk enclosed area has also been designated in the city, including Jiangdong Street, East Zongze Road, East Jiangdong Road, Binwang Road, South Huancheng Road, Dongyi Highway, Dongyang Yiwu boundary and Yiwu River.

Yiwu city has suspended all kinds of meetings, forums, training, performances, competitions, examinations, exhibitions and other similar activities. Karaok TV, Internet cafes, cinemas, fitness venues, bars, footbath stores, chess and poker rooms and other places with poor ventilation have been shut down. Restaurants suspended dine-in. All schools, childcare institutions and out-of-school training institutions have stopped teaching activities.

Despite the Covid-related restrictions, a number of Yiwu exporters said that the current Yiwu express logistics are operating normally, and e-commerce trade is not affected for the time being.